31 October 2010



Lo siENto, SEñora EstRaDA, i Am tRYinG To gEt on wItH tHIs. IT’s jUSt… ¡aBuRriDo! (ThaT’S bORinG in ENglISh).

See, this is easy! Anyone can write in English.

I bet I can even put Español words in all the right places too (I love it when people can talk two idiomas and they keep switching between them as if they’re one language – ¡Está padre!).

¡Auxilio! Help!

I’ve been forced – contra mi voluntad – to keep an online diary for my English class. I need to prove I can speak English - ¡guau! – as if I am a 10 year old.

MaNy wOrDs Are sIMiLar aNyWAys. DoES it ReALly maTteR wHIch oNe I uSe?