18 December 2010

Close Call

That site, btw, is the one that starts with AGYL... (I don't want to post the whole thing here...)

I wasn't sure if you'd know which sequence from the lab results email was DNA and which one was protein. Just put the whole amino acid (protein) sequence in as a URL and you'll see what I mean.

And be careful what you say!

(and here's the chat I had with that strange guy on the site...)

Dr. Bennett! I assumed that after your betrayal, you would lay low.
>>> I’m not Jackson Bennett.
Not Dr. Bennett! Quite a surprise. Who else might know the sequence but Jackson Bennett and Dr. Valencia? Of course, I know you’re not her.
>>> Leave her out of this.
Ah, so you know her too, don’t you? Be careful, the tone of words on a page are as easily read as those from the mouth.
>>> Who are you?
Well indeed, who are you? Please, don’t waste your time answering that. I’ll soon know the answer to that.
>>> You’re the one aren’t you? The one who killed them – PJ and Simon.
Hmm, now you’re getting quite upset! So, you’re in Mexico, if my trace is right.
>>> How can you kill people? How can you take life?
Aha! I wonder – are you perhaps the girl on the vespa – who was visiting Dr. Valencia? La vida es la barata, pequeña, pero el mundo no lo es.

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