28 December 2010

We made it...!

Hardly any time to post…just to say that my aunty and I…we made it! Escaped, we’re with Jackson now and…we’re being taken good care of. It’s sUPeR, SupER sEcREtO!!!

But…still no-one is really sure who killed my father.

If you’ve been following this blog - and I know someone has (I checked my blog stats :P) – then maybe you can help?

To HELP me, it's best to watch from when I started my video blog.

Send me an email at beltrangabi (at) darkwaterbooks.com and post your information there. If you email me I pROmISe I'll get back to you...eventually...and let you know how it all worked out.

Remember...we're on the run, and I don't know when or WhERe we're going to settle.

And once again – thANkS a mILLiOn!

But if you’re NOT Josh Garcia…then I guess I still need to worry about him...

What’s your story Josh, my mysterious, adventurous old buddy?

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