23 December 2010


...and here's what happened when I chatted with Hans Runig...(I pasted it again, from the chat window).

>>> What have you done with the Ortiz family?

You know what I want, Gabi Beltran. I want your father’s research. All of it. Every sample of that DNA sequence. And the names of anyone who knows about it.

>>> The Ortiz family did nothing to you. They didn’t even know about any of this. They were just trying to help me.

And look where your selfish escapade got them.

>>> If I do what you ask – will you let the Ortiz family go free?

That’s negotiable. First I want you to hand yourself over. You and all those test-tubes.

>>> Leave me alone. I just want my life to be how it was.

You know that can’t happen. Not now.

>>>I’m going to the police.

You may find it’s too late for that.

>>>Too late?

You have three days, Miss Beltran. Three days to hand yourself over to me. Or you will never hear from the Ortiz family again.

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