16 November 2010


I have now read all the HaRRy PoTtEr books. The series is finished - finally. I can get on with my life!

No, it hasn’t taken me this long to read the last Harry Potter book. I just decided not to read it right away. That meant avoiding the films too (and it’s not because I’m crazy for Daniel Radcliffe, Kasper Castillo, so don’t get started).

I wanted to make up my own mind about whether it was good or not. I don’t get much time for reading, not when I have so much school work to do, and my computers. Plus, I have to leave some room for friends.

Harry Potter had to wait. But it was worth it!

I won’t spoil the ending for those of you yet to read it. I just wanted to say that reading them one after the other over the past few months has left me agotada.

Yeah…I definitely need a rest.

I don’t think anyone could live through what Harry has to live through without a heart attack. It would have finished me!