12 November 2010

Blocking Traffic

Papá was trying to tell me how alike we are with our programming. Me with computers, him with DNA – it’s all the same thing. I was showing him a program I had created to stop websites hacking my computer. ¡Está padre! But, it still needs some work.

Imagine a city with roads, and rivers, railways and footpaths, all leading into it. A computer doesn’t have roads. It has ports.

Ports do the same thing as roads, really. A road lets in a car, a port lets in data. Simple, see?

So, by blocking a road or closing a port you prevent cars or data from getting through.

I want to make my computer invisible so that other websites won’t even see it.

Papá was impressed. We have a small network at home and I showed him how to connect to my computer from his. Then I showed him what happens when I close the ports.