19 November 2010

Institute de la biotecnología

Just in case you’re thinking I’m a little obsessed with my dad’s work – forget it!

But I am obsessed with ice cream. And my dad’s lab is near the best ice-cream in the world.

Now do you see the connection?

My dad works at Temixco Biotech Institute, about 65 kilometres from Mexico City. It’s some famous, big-deal Mexican science facility but even better, it’s near to the town of Tepoztlan, home of the famous Tepozteco ices.

If you’ve never tried them you don’t know what you are missing. And that’s fine – more for me.

I never miss a chance to visit my dad’s lab – I always persuade him to drop by Tepoztlan. When we have more time we even visit the pyramid ruins, at the top of cliff.

He hasn’t taken me there for months though. Papa says things are getting really frantic at work. Some big scientific breakthrough, all very, very secret.