7 November 2010

Science is aburrido

I dON’t gEt wHaT’s sO iNTerEsTIng aBoUT lOokINg aT thInGS tHaT aRe tOO smALl tO eVeN sEe.

Papá looks at “the building blocks of life”, he keeps telling me, but I just think we’re made this way for a reason. Why are they playing around with what makes us human?

He’s tried in the past to get me interested (I really think he wanted me to take after him - seguir los pasos de alguien). Once, we did this experiment to extract DNA from one of Mama’s rosa bushes, where we mushed it up in a blender and did some kind of separation with alcohol. At the end of it we had this stringy white stuff that was DNA. At least that’s what Papá said it was. I thought he’d spat in the test tube while I was watching the televisión.

When Mama saw where Papá had snapped the rosa off, leaving just the stem poking out of the bush, she was furioso. We had already sworn Abuelita to secretismo (she shook her head and hid away in her room – she hated lying and found it difficult that Papá could never tell her about his work) and told Mama it was one of the neighbourhood perros (they bark all day long, so if she went out and hit one with the broom, I wouldn’t mind).

I’ve just found the experiment we did. It’s here if you want to give it a go for yourself.

Papá always told me never to do any experiments unsupervised. Like he thinks I’m still a little girl and interested in science.