22 November 2010


There was so much blood outside my school today!

I was at recess when it happened. These two older guys were fighting on the street outside. They were arguing. This guys in my school had been watching them. I overheard them say it had something to do with money.

One of the guys who was fighting wearing our school uniform. The other guy, no one recognised. He wasn’t wearing a uniform.

There was a van at the side of the road. It looked like the other guy was trying to drag the boy from my school into his van.

The guy from the van pulled a knife. There was blood all over the place. I screamed. Not just me - so did everyone. When the teachers came they were shouting at us to be quiet.

Our school doesn’t have that kind of violence. We don’t have metal detectors, not like the state schools. Normally we don’t have problems with knives or weapons.

I hate knives.

They are real scary. It’s part of why my parents don’t allow me out on my own. I’m not even allowed to walk to school. Some of the kids have drivers who take them to and from school. I have Mama.

The boy from my school was real badly hurt. But the other guys just drove away before the police arrived.

The rumour is: the boy’s older brother owes the van driver money. The van driver wanted to kidnap the younger brother until he got his money. Kidnappings have always been high in the city, but recently they are getting worse.

Everybody is like, really scared.