2 November 2010

My Family

PaPá iS aLWayS aWAy oN buSIneSS, sO MaMa aNd AbUEliTa, pReTTy mUch, bROugHt mE uP. EvEN wHen pApá iS hOMe I hArDLy sEe hiM bECauSe hE’S sO oBSesSEd wItH hIs wORk.

Before Abuelita died, she used to say that’s where I got my determination from. She was the same though. Nobody ever won an argument against Abuelita. She was a testarudo old lady. Once she’d set her mind on something, there was no way to change it. She’d give you un golpecito just for trying. Not that it would hurt – Papá used to clutch his cheek like a little boy, while she would continue to wag her finger, just to wind her up. And she’d brandish a rolling pin until he fled the kitchen, laughing. Territorial as a gato (miaow!), prowling the kitchen and salón, keeping the rest of us in order.

Papá loves his genetics, but I love computer programming. OK, I’m a nerd, get over it!!!!

I guess the only difference between him and me is that I’m playing around with software programs and he’s playing around with DNA. At least I think that’s what he does.

It all sounds kinda boring.

WhAtEVer! It’s still programming.

Occasionally, he tries to interest me (seems to think science is cool), like, a couple of years ago he was going on about a breakthrough in fighting malaria…

I’ve just Googled it, and actually it’s a “breakthrough in understanding the genetics of” blah blah blah.

See, like I say - boring.

But you can read about it here if you think you fancy becoming a scientist.

Why do these things always have something to do with fruit flies?

AnYWay, iF YOu wAnt tO sAVe tHe wOrLd - wEAr a wHitE cOaT.