8 November 2010


I loVE tO pLAy aRoUNd wItH lITtLe prOGrAms.

Creating computer programs can be real fun. Though, I think you need determination to solve puzzles. I guess that’s what Papá was always going on about with his work – trying to make a mouse glow, or turning a frog into a prince, or whatever he does.

GeNéTiCa! PAh!

Computadoras are where it’s happening. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when it all comes together and you solve the puzzle you set yourself.

Try this game. The Towers of Hanoi is a great example of decision making – and mostly that’s what programming is – you have to choose how best to carry out a task. Programs are designed to make decisions depending on what they are told to do.

If you play the Towers of Hanoi, and try to work out the quickest and best way to move all the discs, then your brain is running through a set of questions and trying to decide the best way to do it:

Where shall I place disc 1?

I can’t put disc 2 on disc 1, so I have to put it on the only free peg.

Should I move disc 1 on top of… well, you get the point.

ThAt’S eXaCTly wHat A prOGraM dOEs. YoU uSe tHOse dEciSiONs tO Do sOMe exCeLEnTe tHIngS