27 November 2010


With Papá away and Mama in hospital, I can’t stay home alone anymore. That kinda sucks!

So I’m staying at the house of a friend.

A neighbour, Señora Jimenez, is looking after our house – she’s the one with lots of crazy barking dogs.

I visit Mama in hospital but she doesn’t recognise me at the moment. The doctors are giving her lots of medicine. I get sad just looking at her because I can see she’s in pain. I wish they could make her better.

Papá does too. He’s called every night so far, to see how I am. We don’t speak for very long. What’s to say? Mama’s no better, Papá says nothing about his top-secret project, and I-

I wish Abuelita was still here. Mama might not have fallen if Abuelita had been at home. She wouldn’t have been lying there for so long, anyway. I wouldn’t have to stay with my friend.

I would at least have my home.