4 November 2010

Secret Projects

PaPá dOEs a lOt oF tRAvELling – hE’s a moLEcuLar bIoLoGIst, reMeMbeR?

Usually he has to go where the work is (he works for himself and companies hire him). He’s always jetting off to Switzerland or somewhere exotic for some aburrido, sciency conference. Boring guys talking about boring subjects.

He was getting really excited about his latest employer, some company called… er… I wasn’t listening… Chad… or Chal… or Chan… something.

Papa never tells me what he’s going to be working on. When I used to ask, he’d go all quiet, make sure no one was around to listen and whisper in my ear: “Es un secreto”. And off he’d go, laughing to himself.

Oooh, big, secret, money-making science ideas…

Don’t worry Daddy. Your secrets are safe with me.

(Like he’d ever tell me! You’re crazy!)